Go Racing

How to get registered

Step 1.   Get Licensed.    You will need to fill out and submit all of the appropriate forms including the License Application, Waiver form, Medical Form, and Rulebook acknowledgement 

Step 2. Register for races.    Each race will be listed on the MSREG.com site, and you can register for races accordingly.  

New racer Orientation

Currently, riders needing New Racer Orientation will sign up for this with TrackDaz.    Register for your NRO on http://www.trackdaz.com. There are several through 2022.  Get it done early so you can focus on your race weekends.  

What you get

Riders who get a full license with CRA not only get a hard card version of their racing license, but also a grab bag full of awesomeness.  In this bag you will find a CRA T-shirt, Hat, Stickers, along with a VNM undershirt.

This is just a way for us to show appreciation to you, along with highlighting some of our great sponsors.


There are manufacturer and tire contingencies available.

Road Race Contingency:





For more information contact info@race-cra.com