CRA Round 2: Laguna Seca

Updated Sunday Schedule

Mandatory Riders Meeting at 8am Sunday. Full Sunday Schedule is HERE



Friendly reminder that pre-registration closes at midnight June 22, 2022 (Wednesday).  Please Pre-Register and avoid the $70 post registration fee. If you have trouble signing up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  If you are track side and would like to sign up for the races, check in with our registration office located in the CRA garages situated next to the restrooms. 

Tech Inspection

Pre-Registered riders will go straight to Tech Inspection with your motorcycle.

For the racers that opted in for the Premier Tech option, our team will come to you. Our staff will do their best to locate you. However, due to the sheer size of the paddock, you may be sent an SMS message to locate you and your pit area so keep those cell phones close by.

Transponder Rentals

If you rented a transponder, you will be issued the transponder, fully charged, at the time you are getting your motorcycle inspected. If you do not have a transponder bracket, they are available for purchase with our tech staff for $10 (cash only). Please remember to return the transponder to any CRA staff member at the end of the event. Failure to return the transponder will involve a $500 replacement fee.

Garage Rentals & Reserved Parking

We are respectfully requesting you to adhere to our paddock map with regards to parking and setting up your pit. Please note that the RESERVED PARKING section is reserved for the 20 racers that rented garages for the weekend. It is all fine and dandy if you have your friends pitting with you in your reserved garage. If you are a racer that reserved a garage and your crew has taken up more than your fair share of parking space, they will be asked to move. Parking in this area will be strictly enforced. If you are unsure of where you are allowed to park or set up pit, please refer to our Laguna Paddock map on our website. Feel free to reach out to any CRA staff if you have questions or need assistance.

Weekend Schedule

Our Round 2 schedule is available for download on our website here: Race Schedule

Depending on weather, the schedule may be revised to accommodate. We will do our best to adhere to the schedule. If changes to the schedule are necessary, you will be notified via our SMS messaging system.

SMS Messaging Offered by Twilio

Be in the know all weekend!  Once trackside, you will have the option to sign up for SMS messaging from CRA.  Scan the two different QR codes and subscribe to receive updates and information pertaining to the race weekend.  QR codes will be available for scan in the registration & tech garages and will be strategically placed throughout the paddock.  

CRA Swag Bag Pick Up

For those of you that have yet to pick up your hard copy CRA race license and swag bag, check in with registration and they will assist you.

CRA Commemorative T-shirt & Wrist Bands

All registered racers are eligible to receive the complimentary 2022 CRA Laguna T-shirt and wrist band.  Both items can be picked up with our registration staff throughout the weekend.  If you purchased additional wrist bands for your guests, they can also be picked up with registration as well.  

CRA Paddock Dinner

Sponsored by: Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka, Motorsport Exotica, and Maria Cid Farmers Insurance Agency.

Apparently, we did good with our choice of caterer!  Salinas City BBQ will be on site dishing up some of their best dishes for you all.  Everyone WITH A WRISTBAND will be permitted to partake in the festivities.  If you failed to secure a wristband, they can be purchased with our registration office for $30.  Cash only! 

CRA will also be hosting a karaoke contest during dinner.  Start practicing and bring your talent!  Prizes will be awarded based on audience response.

Riderz Law Gold Cup- Pro Start!

To keep things exciting, expert racers registered for the Riderzlaw Gold Cup (CRA’S Premier Race), will get you the opportunity to experience a “Pro-Start” just like the pros!  Go out for your sighting lap, grid up with your stands/warmers/umbrella girls, etc., interviews, pictures, warm up lap and then finally the race. Get your crew ready for this as it is not a one-man job!  

Paddock Camping

Camping will be allowed in the paddock.  The earliest you may arrive is Thursday at 6pm as there is an event on Thursday and we will not be allowed in until the event has concluded.  Please adhere to the paddock map with regards to how you want to set up your pit and your accommodations.  Please be cognizant of space and do not take up more than you need.  All vehicles must be out of the paddock by Sunday evening.

Refund/Credit Policy

Please be reminded to familiarize yourself with our refund/credit policy as stated in Section 8 of our Rulebook. The CRA Rulebook can be found here:  


Come prepared! 

Grids & Results

Final Results

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